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Englewood Art Festival

Our last art show of the season is also one of our favorites. It is put on by the Rotary & is comprised of just over a 100 artists. We always have the same 2 spaces on Dearborn St at

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Apollo Beach driftwood coffee table

I often ask my customers to send  images of my work once it’s in their homes along with any comments as to their thought process in selecting a driftwood table. The home pictures always look more inviting than my studio

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You can never have too much driftwood

That’s my response to Nikki every time I go over to the coast to bring back some new pieces & she tries to convince me I already have enough to last the rest of my life.   I used to

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Artsfest in Stuart, Florida

Nikki & I participated in the Artsfest Arts & Crafts festival this past weekend.  It was held on the street & in beautiful Memorial Park in downtown Stuart and although the weather was perfect  the crowds, unfortunately, didn’t materialize.  

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Gulf Coast table deliveries

Occasionally it works out where we can deliver some of our work to customers who live in other areas of the state. It’s usually when I have more than one delivery in the same general area. It cost the customer

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