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Some new sofa/foyer tables

After months of being exposed to the elements, I finally have some new  foyer tables that I can bring into my showroom & display in my current inventory. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to add some coffee

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You can never have too much driftwood

That’s my response to Nikki every time I go over to the coast to bring back some new pieces & she tries to convince me I already have enough to last the rest of my life.   I used to

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Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel-Sandblasted coffee tables

Recently I was commissioned by a design group from San Diego to create two 36″ round coffee tables for the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, Ca. They wanted the tables left in the raw sandblasted state. Stability

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Sun bleached sofa/foyer tables

What began as two very unique driftwood stumps at the beginning of the summer are now two of the nicest large sofa/tables that I’ve ever had.  The 1/2″ glass is 52″ & 54″ long with very rounded corners in the

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Sun-Bleached Sofa/Foyer Table-Solid Top

Although I have created quite a few weathered glass top sofa/foyer tables, this is my first attempt at one with a solid top.  The base is the red cedar driftwood that I make all of my sun bleached pieces out

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