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6 comments on “DSC_0372
  1. Jan Kottke says:

    We’re building a home in Maui and I just found you!!! Love your work. I’m looking for an oval driftwood glass topped coffee table, on the large side if possible. Because shipping is so pricey, would you be interested in making me a table and shipping it without a glass top? I’d get the glass here. I’m in no hurry. The house won’t be done until the end of summer. To give me an idea on the total price–table plus shipping, I love the one posted on Christmas day.
    Thanks, Jan

  2. rich petrocelli says:


    • driftwooddecor says:

      A general price range can be found on my pricing & shipping page. Specific prices can be be found for each piece on my current inventory page.

  3. Lisa Silver says:

    What is the cost of this coffee table and where are you located?

  4. Hi, how much to ship coffee table DSC_0372 to UK?

  5. Lisa says:


    I’m looking for a round or rectangle table that sits at least 6 or 5 people

    Driftwood base –

    Can you please email me what you currently have with price and provide shipping cost to Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410




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