Solid-Top Tables

I post all of the pieces currently found in my showroom on a Shutterfly link found here.

Redwood Burl Coffee Table

In addition to our glass-top tables, we also create a limited number of solid-top wood tables. These solid-top tables are typically California redwood burl, but can also be made from California buckeye burl, Florida pecan & Florida cypress.

Buckeye Burl Coffee Table

All use red cedar driftwood bases finished with a lacquered, spill resistant finish, with the exception of the buckeye. The beautiful California redwood burl can either be made from old growth (darker in color) or second growth (much lighter reddish tones with some outer blond sap wood). California buckeye is a very unique tree that grows in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The burl is found in the root ball & is predominately blond in color. However, by carefully adding a water soluble dye to the natural grain of the wood, the finished look can be very vibrant.

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