Driftwood Glass Top Tables

All of my finished driftwood coffee tables can be found on the current inventory page along with the driftwood dining tables & driftwood foyer tables.

Scroll down to view the different patinas that can be obtained.

Glass-top coffee driftwood tables are made from one main driftwood root system, with smaller, securely fastened pieces. The result is far superior to other tables constructed with multiple smaller pieces, which tend to be unstable.

Our process provides an appearance of unity, instead of disjointed wood haphazardly placed together. In the creation of driftwood coffee tables, the root system is inverted so the beautiful wood can be seen through the glass. For the taller sofa/foyer tables, console tables, entry tables & dining room tables, the root system is turned on its side for a clearer view.

Our driftwood coffee tables are perfectly leveled through the use of custom precision equipment, which provides maximum support for glass. Glass is custom-cut to a half-inch thickness, and our rectangular glass is always finished with smoothly rounded corners.


All cut ends of the driftwood table base have a natural weathered look and never appearing freshly cut. All dangerous points or snags are always removed for safety. All table bottoms are epoxy sealed in order to prevent any leakage.


There are 6 main options for the finish of your glass-top table:

1. Sun bleached- our most popular finish

Once a driftwood coffee table is leveled & sandblasted, it is exposed to the elements for months until it is completely & uniformly sun bleached. The end result is a similar appearance to the silver gray driftwood that has been lying on a deserted beach for years. Even though this process is time consuming, the final look is far superior & natural looking than either an artificially whitewashed or painted finish.

Sun Bleached


2. Off White

This is finish that can be obtained in a relatively shorter time period than the sun bleached look. It’s not a pure white/white but will become more so if exposed to the sun for a span of time. This might be the look for those like the lighter color but don’t want to wait for the sun to work it’s magic.


3. White

After a period in the sun & before the color turns silver gray, the table will take on a very distinctive white patina. For those who don’t prefer the silver gray, but still want a light finish, this is a nice alternative. Depending on the time of year this take some time to obtain but not as long as the sun bleached silver gray patina.


4. Sandblasted

A sandblasted table is left in its raw, sandblasted state. This finish reveals the reddish, brown & blonde tones found naturally in the Florida red cedar. Over time, this color will very slightly fade, and lose a little of the “brightness” from when it was freshly sandblasted.


5. Faded sandblasted

Along the lines of the sandblasted look, is a much more subtle or faded patina. It still maintains a semblance of the sandblasted colors but with a much more even & muted tone. This can be obtained in relatively short time period. There can be different variations of this color as illustrated below.






6. Lacquered

After sandblasting, the table is finished with a dull satin lacquer, which enhances and darkens the reddish-brown & blonde tones.


Lacquered driftwood-glass-coffee-table

Over 38 years experience in design as well as feedback from thousands of delighted customers supports our belief that Driftwood Decor’s glass-top driftwood tables are superior. All Driftwood Decor tables are both incredibly durable and timeless works of art. Each unique piece varies in design, shape, style and appearance,, and will be a focal point in the design of your room.

Price Ranges

Coffee tables: $850-$1400 (for most sizes)
Foyer tables: $900-$1500
Dining tables: $1500-$2800 (glass not included)
End tables: $550-$750

All prices include 1/2″ glass unless noted.