Driftwood Rental

wedding driftwood pieces

On occasions we have customers who want to buy pieces of driftwood for special events, primarily weddings. Although I do sell some individual pieces, the majority is only used for the creating of driftwood tables & lamps and not for individual sale.

wedding driftwood
wedding driftwood

Needless to say, that made for some disappointed brides to be as they were hoping to use some interesting driftwood pieces as table center pieces. As it was not something they needed to keep after the event, I decided I would begin to put together a collection of driftwood that could be rented & then returned. They are all the choicest of pieces that have been sandblasted & placed in the sun until they were a uniform sun bleached silver gray. They are of varying sizes & shapes, but all suitable for using on tables with different styles of floral arrangements.

wedding driftwood
wedding driftwood
  • Only available for pickup at my store (no shipping).
  • Mostly horizontal pieces but a few taller ones for stand alone.
  • Pick up the week before & return the following week.
  • Prices vary from $20-30 each depending on size & quantity.
  • Must be returned clean & in the same condition (no altering).
  • Large selection to choose from with more always being added.
wedding driftwood
wedding driftwood

Below are samples of some of the pieces that I have on hand. They can vary in length & height, with some even displaying the holes caused by ship worms as the wood was immersed in the water for a period of time.

wedding driftwoodlength    44″

wedding driftwoodlength    36″

DSC_0834length    40″

DSC_0835  length     28″

DSC_0836   length   16″       height   17″

DSC_0837   length    26″      height   13″

DSC_0838length     25″   height   30″

DSC_0839   length      25″

DSC_0840length     30″

DSC_0841 length     26″


DSC_0831Height  42″      34″      36″