More driftwood center pieces

driftwood center pieces

As mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve started putting together a collection of very nice completely weathered driftwood pieces to be used in special events but especially for weddings. This will be wood that I’ll rent to wedding coordinators, florists & brides to be for a unique look for that special day.

Recently I was contacted by Michelle Lewis, owner & lead designer of Bluegrass Chic, a local wedding and special event florist. These are images sent to me by Michelle & I was told the table arrangements were a big hit. For more info on Michelle’s talents check out or contact her at bluegrasschicweddings@aol.com4





In the near future I hope to add a link to my site giving more details on pricing, wood sizes, rental policies, etc.

A new driftwood piece for an old customer

I’m currently creating a small driftwood base for a TV stand for a customer who originally purchased some of my work back in 1988. Carolyn had originally seen my driftwood lamps & table when we were doing the Melbourne Mall (Florida) art show. The mall shows were our initial avenue for selling my furniture. Thankfully, those days are long past as spending Thursday-Sunday from 10 until closing in a mall has made me allergic to them to this day.

Carolyn took my card & came to see me at my showroom/shop in Orlando, saw some pieces in the raw & was intrigued. I mentioned that they would be finished in time for my next art show (this one outdoors) in her area & suggested that she come look at them at that time.driftwood & glass coffee table

driftwood lamp

IMG_1515She decided on a kidney glass coffee table & 2 floor lamps all in the lacquer finish. It’s very gratifying to know that almost 30 years later those pieces still look the same and customers such as Carolyn are still displaying them in her home. And within the next couple of weeks a 4th piece will be joining the others. Thanks Carolyn for sharing those with me & I hope you enjoy them for 30 more years.

The Boneyard….where fallen trees become driftwood

the boneyard, a driftwood beachLast month Nikki & I spent a few days in Charleston, SC which had been one of the many places on our bucket list. We stayed in one of the many unique b & b’s that are to be found in that historic city, did the walking tour, visited Fort Sumter & of course, sampled the fine cuisine that Charleston is becoming  known for. On our way down to meet Nick & Alexis in Amelia Island we stopped by to see the iconic & much photographed Angel Oak tree, reportedly the oldest thing-living or man made-east of the Rockies. It’s a live oak & approximately 1500 years old. It’s not very tall but has wide spread canopy with limbs the size of tree trunks & so large & heavy that they actually rest on the ground (some even drop underground for a few feet & then come back up).angel oak tree

DSC_9609This past November we attended the wedding of Lauren, the sister of Alexis, in Amelia Island, just north of Jacksonville. It was our first time there & gave us the desire to return. In particular, I wanted to visit Big Talbot Island State Park & it’s driftwood beach known as The Boneyard, the salt washed skeletons of live oak & cedar trees that once grew on the bluffs until the erosion of the waves caused them to tumble on to the beach. For me, this was paradise & could have easily spent the rest of the day there, but the rest of the clan was ready to visit some other places.DSC_9915

driftwood beach-the boneyard


DSC_9909Some state parks don’t allow pets so Draper wasn’t able to join us, but he made up for it once we got back to our Airbnb.DSC_9677














Some driftwood tables find a new home

I always appreciate when my customers take the time to send me images of one of my driftwood tables or lamps in their new home. Even though I attempt to take quality pictures in my studio, it just doesn’t look the same as someones living or dining room. The following are some of those home settings that I’ve received in recent months.

driftwood & glass dining table

driftwood & glass dining table

IMG_0510Most of the year Cathy lives in Northern Ontario, but decided it would be nice to spend some of the winter months in Key Largo, Florida (can’t imagine why). She was having a condo remodeled & wanted a rectangle driftwood dining table to dine at while watching the beautiful sunsets the Keys are known for.

driftwood & glass coffee tableCarol & David are from Great Britain but wanted to spend some time in Pensacola, Fl where David grew up as a child. He brought Carol over to see his childhood home & she fell in love with the area. Enough so that they wanted a home there. Carol is an interior designer & has always wanted a driftwood coffee table and had been following my work on the internet. Finally their home was ready last fall & I shipped them a nice rectangle table. “Thank you for giving us something that will give us so much pleasure studying it for years to come”.

Lacquered driftwood & glass coffee tableScott wanted a 30 x 48 lacquered oval table similar to one I have on my home page & also one found on my Houzz profile. He preferred the light, airy look & I wanted it to have the blond sapwood tones in it. Not until he sent me this image did I realize how that color would go with the beautiful hardwood floors. It now resides Kill Devil Hills, NC

IMG_3179 (1)Lichten Craig Architecture & Interiors located in Chicago had a client with an apartment in Palm Beach, FL who was wanting a large 48″ square coffee table for her living room. I had a table in my showroom that was accommodating a 44″ round, but would hold the 48″ x 3/4″ glass that the client desired. Once I secured the thicker glass, I arranged for my freight company to set up a white glove delivery & the table was in place upon the customers return to Florida.

driftwood & glass entry tableMary Kate was having a new home constructed in Old Lyme, CT  & wanted a driftwood entry way table to be displayed on the hardwood floor. Usually my sofa/foyer tables are created for a rectangle glass but this called for a 36″ round piece of 1/2″ glass.



A driftwood dining table for Tony

This past year I was contacted by a gentleman who lived in the UK but was planning to spend the winters in Sarasota and was looking to furnish his new condo with some of my work. A few months later Tony was in Florida & drove up to my shop to check out my inventory. He selected a base for a 48″ round driftwood dining table that was still in the weathering process, but he decided to let the sun continue it’s magic & he would pick it up next time he was back in the States. Finally this past Thanksgiving he made his way back to Orlando & not only did he pick up the finished dining table, but a nice peanut shaped glass coffee table & a piece of driftwood to go on the wall.driftwood & glass dining table

driftwood & glass coffee table

driftwood & glass coffee tableFortunately he had taken the 48″ dining table glass on his initial visit, but we managed to fit the tables & coffee table glass in the back of his SUV.

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