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2017-A year in review

Every year usually has it’s fill of highs & lows with 2017 being no different except this one had some events that won’t be soon forgotten. Over shadowing everything was the entrance into this world of our first grandchild-Ellie Rose.

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A driftwood lacquered dining table

I’m frequently asked to create driftwood dining room tables & it’s usually with the sun bleached silver gray patina. However, in the past couple of months I received  4 requests for driftwood dining tables with the lacquered finish.  I just

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A “holy” driftwood coffee table

Although the red cedar stumps that I use for my driftwood coffee , dining & foyer tables are found very near the waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast, very seldom do I ever acquire a piece that had actually been in

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Our final port of call-Ketchikan

It’s time I conclude the final post on our May trip while I can still remember the details. With the continual creating & shipping of my driftwood furniture the keeping up with my journalism endeavors has been sorely neglected. Our

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Our Alaskan cruise-Glacier Bay

In preparing to go on our cruise, I researched & became familiar with what to look forward to on our excursions into Juneau, Skagway & Ketchikan. What I didn’t anticipate was what turned out to be one of the highlights

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Our Alaskan cruise-Skagway

Skagway is a small Alaskan town but is a very popular destination for the cruise ship industry as more than 400 dock there yearly. It’s also home to the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad. The railroad was completed in

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Our Alaskan cruise-part 1

It wasn’t my intention to take so long to follow up on this part of our adventure, but between the oppressive heat & the need to get a number of orders crated & shipped, I never got around to posting

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Rialto, Ruby & the Ridge

After exploring Lake Crescent on the day we arrived, the next day we made our way over to the beaches & coastline the Olympic Peninsula is known for. There are many of these treasures, but we picked 2 of the

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Taking a break

The last couple of  years have been quite busy for me as we’ve transitioned away from the art festivals that were the staple of my business for over 30 years & now rely strictly on my customers finding me on

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wedding driftwood

More driftwood center pieces

As mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve started putting together a collection of very nice completely weathered driftwood pieces to be used in special events but especially for weddings. This will be wood that I’ll rent to wedding coordinators, florists &

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driftwood & glass dining table

A driftwood dining table for Tony

This past year I was contacted by a gentleman who lived in the UK but was planning to spend the winters in Sarasota and was looking to furnish his new condo with some of my work. A few months later

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Driftwood on the ceiling

I often have decorators & designers contact me about creating a special driftwood piece for one of their clients. It’s always been a driftwood table of some sort, but Nicole Everett of L2 Studios in Orlando had something different in

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