Do you require a deposit?
On most custom orders I do not require a deposit or any payment until time of shipping.

What is your current time frame for new orders?
I currently have such a large backlog of orders that I’m not confident in giving a specific start & completion time.
I hesitate to over promise & under deliver.

Do you sell just the base alone?
Yes, I’ll subtract my wholesale cost of the glass.

Where do you ship?
I regularly ship to anywhere in the US, the Caribbean & Canada.

How do you arrange shipping?
I use multiple freight brokers to get the lowest price to your city. It would be curbside delivery & the carrier calls
beforehand to set a window of time for drop off.

I also have someone who makes most of my Florida deliveries which would be white glove & on a Saturday morning.

Is there options to saving money on the cost of shipping?
Freight carriers charge less if delivered to a business and if there is the manpower or forklift capabilities to where the
truck lift gate is not needed. If feasible, the freight can also be picked up at the terminal.

Do I get to see my table order before it is shipped?
I send pictures once it’s back from the sandblasters & multiple studio images once it’s completed.

What payment do you accept?
I accept credit cards with the info provided by phone & personal or business checks.

Do you give discounts to the trade?
I do not as I believe my prices are very fair for the product received.

Is the glass attached to the table base in any way?
Due to the weight of the glass & the multiple flat spots the glass rests on there is no need. I do supply small clear
discs to place between the glass top & base which provide a little suction.

Do you sell just pieces of driftwood?
Most of my driftwood is for my furniture but I do have a selection of smaller raw pieces that I sell plus some nicer
sandblasted & white driftwood that is meant to be hung on a wall. I do not ship these but must be picked up at my store.
Is the glass included with the table?
Only with the coffee, foyer & end tables. You will need to source your own dining table glass.