A choice of finishes for your driftwood table

A choice of finishes for your driftwood table

Although all of my driftwood furniture is created from Florida red cedar, there is a variety of ways that I can finish it. With all tables, once they’re structurally completed, I have them sandblasted. This reveals the natural colors of the red cedar or Juniper tree. At this point the table can be left in that state & it’s ready for the glass table top.DSC_0090

03-03-2015 048In addition to the reddish brown colors, with some pieces there will be streaks of blond sap wood intermingled.DSC_0396

03-03-2015 150If that vibrant sandblasted patina is too intense (it will fade slightly over time once inside ), it can be left to be exposed to the weather for a period of time until the desired faded look is achieved. Of the 2 tables directly above the top one was left out for 4-6 weeks & the bottom one for 2-3 months.


DSC_0121A similar look to the sun faded finish is accomplished by submerging the sandblasted piece in a special bleaching solution. The outcome is a table that has more of a beige finish.


DSC_0589If that procedure is continued it will be predominately white which is closer to the silver gray patina & takes much less time to accomplish.

DSC_0609Most tables I have in my current inventory are the of the silver gray nature. It has proven to be my most popular & because I have to rely on the elements they are also the longest to complete. Depending on the time of year that could be 2-4 months.

03-02-2015 064

DSC_0571Finally, a table that has some nice blend of colors can be finished with a satin dull rubbed lacquer enhancing the natural reddish, brown, blond tones.

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