A driftwood lacquered dining table

A driftwood lacquered dining table

driftwood_and_glass_dining _tableI’m frequently asked to create driftwood dining room tables & it’s usually with the sun bleached silver gray patina. However, in the past couple of months I received  4 requests for driftwood dining tables with the lacquered finish.  I just finished the first for a lovely couple who live in Antioch, Tennessee who were kind enough to send me some images of it in their home. They had some definite ideas of what they had in mind so there were many emails back & forth including pictures of the raw driftwood stump before anything was trimmed.

Their main desire was to have a finished piece that was very full with some heavier type roots. They were pleased with the looks of this one, so now it was time to add all the necessary support limbs to ensure that the table footprint was extended enough to be stable & at the same time provide enough room for seating. In addition pieces were bolted to the top of the stump to support the heavy rectangle glass.

Now it was time for the part of the process I no longer do myself & that’s sandblast the entire table…a job that I do not miss, but really enjoy seeing the transformation once I get it back a few days later.

                                                                      All that’s left is the the lacquering which can be time consuming & tedious with all the many nooks & crannies that have to be hand brushed.


Finally, with help from my son the table is placed in a custom heavy duty crate & the next day is on it’s way north. I always hope to hear from my customers once their piece arrives & hopefully receive some images in it’s new home.These folks were kind enough to do that along with a very gracious note which can be found on my review page.

driftwood_and_glass_dining _tabledriftwood_and_glass_dining_table

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