A redwood table for Denzel & his friends

A redwood table for Denzel & his friends

redwood & driftwood coffee table

As I was recently looking at some old photographs, I was reminded of a redwood table I was commissioned to create for Paramount Studios. They were filming The Manchurian Candidate (2004) featuring Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep & Jon Voight & wanted one of my tables for a particular scene.

I shipped the table to New York where the movie was being filmed & eagerly waited the release. Nikki & I went to the theater anxious to see our “movie debut”. In the one scene at the lake house where Voights character was drowned we were sure that’s where we would see my table. But it wasn’t & we didn’t spot it in any other scene. We left the movies disappointed figuring my redwood coffee table ended up on the cutting room floor. But a few days later thanks to the keen eye of our son Nick we found that wasn’t the case after all. He spotted it in a scene at the very end of the movie rather hidden by some of the actors. A few days later we went back & caught the last few minutes & was able to enjoy our 2 1/2 seconds of Hollywood fame.

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  1. My table hasn’t been in the movies, but has received rave reviews anyway! Hope you have a wonderful year!

  2. I can promise you that more people have noticed your table than the one in the movie. Well wishes in the coming year to you as well.

  3. I’ve been picturing Denzel with his feet up on that table ever since….surely he couldn’t resist taking it home after the wrap!

  4. I loved this story. Eagle-eyed Nick! I wonder who wound up with it in their home. Remember when we purchased a rattan porch set from the Tom Hanks’ movie that was shot in the old Navy base and Cape Canaveral. There was an auction to sell off all the props and furniture. We loved telling the story that Mark Harmon once sat on the sofa!

    • We figured someone in production wanted a redwood table after the shoot & that was a good way for Paramount to pay for it. It was a fairly expensive table that probably only our
      family & friends took notice of.

  5. That sounds like another blog post….can you send me some pics? How are you enjoying Hong Kong? That’s a long way from the Sunshine State.

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