A special buckeye table for Jill & Don

A special buckeye table for Jill & Don

Buckeye burl foyer tableEarly last year Jill & Don drove down from their home in Ponte Vedra looking for a special table to go in their library/study. They wanted it to go under a window & be able to use a couple of chairs underneath it. They were open for suggestions & I showed them a buckeye table that I had started with the intent of trimming off the back so that it would go flat against a wall or sofa. I really didn’t want to trim it but thought it would be impractical to leave it whole & still function as a foyer table. Because of that hesitation I had put it aside for another day. That day came when I dragged it out of my shed & asked them what they thought of this piece.buckeye table

10-10-14 118Well, they liked the possibilities & didn’t want me to trim it all. They told me to take my time (they were very patient with me) & let them know when it was ready. Since it had such a large surface it took me awhile to meticulously apply the coloring.buckeye tableWe loaded it up in the back of their SUV & they were able to attach the base to the top once they got it home.buckeye table



IMG_4360.JPGIt turned out they also had another little buckeye project for me. They brought me a small (but heavy) beautiful marble table top they wanted me to supply a base for. I had a small buckeye base that would work & not along after they made the return trip to pick it up.IMG_4905.JPG

“Oh Don, I just can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the table. We just put it in today-had to take the office door off-no problem. But it is absolutely exquisite!!! We just love it. A gorgeous piece of art”

They were very gracious & patient customers and I was very pleased to know they were happy with the end results.

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