A very long faded sandblasted coffee table

A very long faded sandblasted coffee table

driftwood & glass cfoffee tableLast year Tracy contacted me about creating a driftwood coffee table that would accommodate a 92″ long oval glass. Almost all of the driftwood stumps I acquire are not long enough to make that work without an inordinate amount of glass overhang. However I did have one stump that I had put aside because it was long & I didn’t want to trim it because it was so perfectly symmetrical in its natural state.10-10-14 232

10-10-14 233After I added the necessary support pieces, I had it sandblasted & then exposed it to the weather until the reddish brown color was very muted which was the finish that Tracy was looking for.10-10-14 316It took several months until it was sufficiently faded.03-03-2015 148 The only thing left was to build a crate that resembled a coffin & ship it to Annapolis.driftwood & glass coffee table

IMG_4315“We love it so much & think it looks perfect in our home”.

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