A driftwood coffee table for Stefano in Bologna, Italy

A driftwood coffee table for Stefano in Bologna, Italy

In November of last year I was contacted by Stefano who was building a new home in Bologna, Italy. He liked my work & was interested in obtaining a coffee table that would support a rectangle glass which he would purchase locally. We decided that the sandblasted finish would best fit the decor of the room, so I actually constructed several that size & let him choose the one he liked. I often will do that with sizes I would commonly make for my own inventory.driftwood & glass coffee table

He asked that I sign it which I did on one of the lower limbs.IMG_20150727_133043

Even though I married an Italian, neither one of us can speak the language, but fortunately, although he might disagree, Stefano communicates quite well in my native language, even to the point of calling one day to discuss his table. Once the crate was finished & the table secured it was on its way to the other side of the world. With my international sales I found it best if my customers pick up their piece at the air freight terminal & walk it thru customs.

His new home wasn’t going to be finished until earlier this year, so the table was kept at his father’s home until now when both he & the table were in their new setting. Stefano was such a delightful fellow to interact with that I asked that he include a picture of he & his wife Alice next to their table. If Nikki & I were ever to make it over to Italy, I would love to sit down & share a meal with these new friends.20150811_110327

sandblasted driftwood & glass coffee  table


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