Like something off the cover of Coastal Living

Like something off the cover of Coastal Living

driftwood & glass coffee tableUp until the last few years, most of my customers came from our 30+ year participation in the Florida art festivals. People would purchase my driftwood furniture at the time or take a card & get back with me at a later time.  Melanie Casey is a designer from Jupiter, Florida & learned about me from her brother who purchased a driftwood table & a driftwood  lamp at one of those art shows in S Fla. She had in mind a large oval sun bleached driftwood coffee table for one of her clients. If I remember correctly, she came by my store & selected a nice 36 x 60 oval & had it stored at another brothers home who lives in Orlando until it made its way south. This was a few years ago & the other day I received the most pleasant email from Melanie asking if she had sent these to me after the project was completed. I truly appreciate seeing where my work ends up, so I always look forward to receiving customer photographs. Needless to say, this setting is stunning. driftwood & glass coffee tableMelanie’s client had a home in Treasure Cay in Abaco (Bahamas) & wanted to mix some natural items into their decor in the gazebo which was right on the water.driftwood & glass coffee tableThey had an idea for the seating arrangement but placed the table first & then added the sectional to accompany it. The home owners love to read & entertain & I can’t think of nicer setting to do that. The table continues to weather & even though the rest of the furniture may be brought in during windy, rainy days the table stays 4

photo 1My Bahamas driftwood coffee table may not be on the cover of Coastal Living, but it is the first image on my home page slide show. I’m thankful to Melanie for sharing these images with me & would certainly recommend her for anyone needing a designer with unique design talent. Melanie Casey in Jupiter, Florida. MKC Design   561 685-8877

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting or location for one of your tables! It’s so perfect it completes the look!! Once again job well done!

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