A little bit of business & a lot of pleasure

A little bit of business & a lot of pleasure

In my last blog I mentioned that Nikki & I were headed to Manasota Key for a long weekend. Several weeks prior I had received a phone call from Dan in Cape Coral, a city located further down the Gulf Coast near Ft Meyers. Dan had seen our work sometime in the past at the Cape Coral Art Festival & was now ready to purchase a round sun bleached glass top table that he had found on my website. As we were discussing my shipping it or him driving up to Orlando to pick it up,  I mentioned the possibility of meeting us at Manasota Key when we were there for vacation. He loved that idea & he was actually there at the condo before we arrived. We loaded up his table, off he went & we never left our little oasis until it was time to come home. One of the beauties of having a large van is that not only can I  bring my grill, coolers of food & everything else you can imagine but I can also carry along a table delivery.

This blog will be very short on driftwood furniture but hopefully provide a little pleasure for those who enjoy the wonders of  nature & the beach as much as we do. Manasota Key May 2014 001Manasota Key May 2014 023This is where Nikki could be found for most of the day until we got chased in by the late afternoon thunderstorms.Manasota Key May 2014 078We can always count on seeing plenty of seabirds, including blue herons & flocks of ibis on the hunt for food even it means getting it directly from a local fisherman.Manasota Key May 2014 008Manasota Key May 2014 037 Manasota Key May 2014 141 Manasota Key May 2014 059Manasota Key May 2014 104 Manasota Key May 2014 111 Manasota Key May 2014 125 Manasota Key May 2014 130There’s the local gopher tortoise who follows you around, albeit slowly,  if he thinks you have a piece of lettuce or banana for him. And the time wouldn’t be complete unless Nikki brought back a handful of fossil sharks teeth that can be found in the sand at the waters edge.Manasota Key May 2014 032 Manasota Key May 2014 064Because of the late storms we only got to enjoy one sunset, but it was a nice one.Manasota Key May 2014 065 Manasota Key May 2014 069If all goes well we plan to return in the early fall when it’s a little cooler & the afternoon storms are less frequent.Manasota Key May 2014 091

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  1. Just beautiful! Dan and I are looking forward to collecting some fantastic shells on Sanibel next month, as we walk the beaches there doing the Sanibel stoop. Hopefully, the only storms we’ll experience then will be the ones we always have there, late in the day, for 15 minutes.


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