Off to California

On Wednesday Nikki & I will be leaving to spend 10 days exploring & enjoying the wonders of Northern California. The big event will be the marriage of our son, Nick, to Alexis. They are both young attorneys & will tie the knot at Big Sur. I mention this because they are the ones who are responsible for convincing me to let them completely revamp my old outdated website. As a result I have a much nicer site & a much improved presence on the front pages of the search engines especially Google. Many more people from all over the world are “finding” me which has kept me busy creating new pieces & shipping them every where.

We plan to visit the redwood forests & walk the driftwood beaches so if we have a internet connection I hope to post some images of  this magnificent section of our great land.

3 Comments on “Off to California

  1. Beautiful country! We moved into our Maui home today, Let me know when the table is seasoned. Have a fabulous time on the Monterey peninsula!

  2. Monterey is so beautiful. You are sure to love Big Sur. The redwoods are big and beautiful, as are the beaches there, and the coastline is magnificent. Congratulations to Nick and Alexis. Have a fantastic time!


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