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Hilton Head driftwood coffee table

A few months ago I was contacted by a customer who had found my website through Houzz.com which claims to be the largest collection of interior design & decorating ideas on the internet.  If you’ve ever gone to their site,

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Cape Coral Arts & Crafts Festival

This past weekend we participated in our first art show of the season in Cape Coral near the Ft Myers/Naples area. It’s a show we’ve done many times & at this time of year you never know what to expect

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Hilton Head driftwood standing desk

One of the advantages of participating in the Florida art show circuit for the past 35 years is the opportunity to personally display my work in front of thousands of people who can see my furniture first hand. Although many

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Redwood burl desk

For only the second time in the past 35 years I was asked to create a redwood desk. This was for a local plumbing contractor to be used in his office. He already had one of my large buckeye coffee

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St Thomas driftwood coffee table

One of the great things about being found through online search engines  is the nice people you meet from all over the country and even beyond who are interested in something different, unique & natural to place in their homes.

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Lakewood Ranch driftwood dining table

I just returned from delivering a driftwood dining table to a customers new home in Lakewood Ranch, a community near Sarasota, Fl. Several months ago they drove up to my shop in Orlando & choose one that was in the

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Sun bleached sofa/foyer tables

What began as two very unique driftwood stumps at the beginning of the summer are now two of the nicest large sofa/tables that I’ve ever had.  The 1/2″ glass is 52″ & 54″ long with very rounded corners in the

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Driftwood Dining Table

  Raw dining table stump Even though I’ve created a few driftwood dining tables in the past, it’s only been in the last 4-5 years that I’ve been commissioned to make them on a regular basis. Unlike a coffee table or even a tall

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