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Driftwood for sale or rent……..

Occasionally I’ll have someone stop into my store & want to purchase individual pieces of driftwood for a certain occasion such as weddings, convention, etc. Although I do have a small section of driftwood that I sell as is, most

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Crating & shipping your driftwood table

After hearing from a future customer about receiving a damaged piece of furniture (not mine), I thought it would helpful to share what to expect when purchasing a table from Driftwood Decor. A individual crate for the glass & for

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Twin driftwood & glass coffee tables

Paul contacted me through Custommade to see if I could create a pair of matching pair of driftwood coffee table bases that would accommodate his kidney shaped glass tops. He sent me a template of the glass which turned out

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A driftwood chandelier

On occasion a customer will ask me to create a particular piece that I wouldn’t attempt otherwise. Early last year Phil stopped by my shop & was interested in a rectangular driftwood coffee table base for their vacation home at

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Driftwood & glass dining table

A double base driftwood dining table

One of my biggest summer projects to date has been a request for a driftwood dining table base that would accommodate a 48 x 120 x 3/4″ glass. New York designer, Kate Knicely, had a client who was renovating a

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driftwood dining tables

A new series of driftwood dining tables

Due to the many inquiries I receive in regard to weathered dining tables, I’ve recently started a series of 6 new pieces. They’re all structurally completed & have started the lengthy path to being sun bleached. Fortunately, this is the

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Best of Houzz 2015

For the second straight year I was notified that Driftwood Decor was awarded the Best of Houzz award for customer service. It’s based on a variety of factors, including the number & quality of client reviews received in 2014. I

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