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redwood & driftwood coffee table

A redwood table for Denzel & his friends

As I was recently looking at some old photographs, I was reminded of a redwood table I was commissioned to create for Paramount Studios. They were filming The Manchurian Candidate (2004) featuring Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep & Jon Voight &

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driftwood & glass coffee table

A driftwood coffee table for Sanibel

The majority of the time my customers find me by searching online or seeing my work at one of the many art shows we’ve participated in over the past 35 years. But once in awhile I’m contacted by someone who

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Sandblasting my driftwood tables

Every piece of driftwood furniture I’ve created over the past 35 years has had to go through the sandblasting process. From that point, I would then sun bleach it, lacquer it or even leave it in that raw reddish, brown,

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A day at the beach

Once again Nikki & I were recently able to take a long weekend to go to Manasota Key & combine it with delivering some redwood tables that customers had commissioned me to create. Marcin who has a marble business in

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Sun bleached driftwood dining tables

After getting so many inquiries for weathered driftwood dining tables, in addition to meeting those orders I’ve finally been able to add some new dining tables to my current inventory. Three will accommodate a large rectangle glass such as the

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Redwood Burl

Although I’ve been creating redwood burl tables for over 30 years, it wasn’t until our recent trip to Big Sur & Muir Woods that I actually got to see a burl growing on a redwood tree.A burl is an external

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Big Sur

Although I don’t have the words to adequately convey the beauty of this part of California, hopefully the images I captured while we were out there for Nick & Alexis’s wedding will help. The last thing we expected when we

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Wedding at the Wind and Sea

As I mentioned in my last blog, Nikki & I were headed to Big Sur, California for our son, Nick’s marriage to Alexis. The big event took place last Saturday but there was no internet or cell coverage there &

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Off to California

On Wednesday Nikki & I will be leaving to spend 10 days exploring & enjoying the wonders of Northern California. The big event will be the marriage of our son, Nick, to Alexis. They are both young attorneys & will

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Some new sofa/foyer tables

After months of being exposed to the elements, I finally have some new  driftwood sofa/foyer tables that I can bring into my showroom & display in my current inventory. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to add some

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Redwood dining table

Several years ago Marcin came to my store & purchased a large second growth redwood burl coffee table that I had in my showroom. I recently received a call asking if I could create for him a redwood dining table.

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